Register now for European Yoga-Festival 2021 WITHOUT RISK!

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Mandatory COVID-19 framework conditions

In order to participate in the event, you agree - for the protection of all - to the following mandatory COVID-19 framework conditions:

  • If you arrive by car, please park your car in the hotel garage (free of charge) and take the elevator or use the stairs to the lobby to get to the TKM event check-in-desk
  • During the event check-in in the lobby it is mandatory to wear a mouth and nose protection mask and to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 meters to other people!
  • At the event-check-in a COVID-19-self-disclosure has to be filled out and the temperature will be measured on site with a forehead thermometer
  • No shaking hands or hugs - uses "alternative" greeting methods without direct contact.
  • Please wash and disinfect hands regularly during the entire event
  • Avoid touching your face and sneez/cough in your elbows.
  • Keep the currently prescribed minimum distance (1.5 - 2 meters) from other people.
  • Avoid changing dance partners and attend all dance workshops (as well as the parties) only with "your" own dance partner
  • If there is the slightest suspicion of an infection within the last 14 days, if you feel ill or if you had contact to a (potentially) infected person, please stay at home (in this case a travel cancellation insurance taken out by you should cover the cancellation costs incurred).
  • If you have been in a current risk area designated by the RKI during the last 14 days before the event, participation on site is unfortunately not possible. 
  • If you have been ordered to stay in quarantine at home, please follow these rules
  • You agree that you will be contacted should a traceability by authorities be necessary.
  • You will follow the instructions of the staff of the Bibione Palace Hotel and TKM Eventmanagement KG


In your own interest, please also observe the current instructions that apply to Italy in connection with COVID-19.

100% money-back-guarantee

Due to the current Corona crisis (Covid 19) we have decided to launch a "money-back-guarantee", which will give you a maximum of security in this uncertain time and with which you will be refunded the entire participation fee in case of a cancellation of the event (due to Covid 19)!

Register now for European Yoga-Festival 2021 WITHOUT RISK!

  • The "money-back guarantee" applies to all registrations/bookings until 1st May, 2021. 

  • If the European Yoga-Festival cannot take place because of governmental travel restrictions in September and we have to cancel the event, you will receive the FULL participation fee within 7 days after cancellation back to your account.

  • This is valid in case you cannot travel to Italy from your home country (ban on leaving the country) because of Corona, but also in case you are not allowed to enter Italy.

  • Therefore, register NOW absolutely WITHOUT risk and secure the discounted prices for early-birds


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